Commit 538c0f2d authored by Masahisa Kojima's avatar Masahisa Kojima Committed by Heinrich Schuchardt
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efi_loader: fix efi_tcg2_hash_log_extend_event() parameter check

TCG EFI Protocol Specification defines that PCRIndex parameter
passed from caller must be 0 to 23.
TPM2_MAX_PCRS is currently used to check the range of PCRIndex,
but TPM2_MAX_PCRS is tpm2 device dependent and may have larger value.
This commit newly adds EFI_TCG2_MAX_PCR_INDEX macro, it is used to
check the range of PCRIndex parameter.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMasahisa Kojima <>
Acked-by: Heinrich Schuchardt's avatarHeinrich Schuchardt <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIlias Apalodimas <>
parent db3ed2cf
Pipeline #8995 passed with stages
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......@@ -28,6 +28,8 @@
#define EFI_TCG2_EXTEND_ONLY 0x0000000000000001
#define PE_COFF_IMAGE 0x0000000000000010
/* Algorithm Registry */
#define EFI_TCG2_BOOT_HASH_ALG_SHA1 0x00000001
#define EFI_TCG2_BOOT_HASH_ALG_SHA256 0x00000002
......@@ -958,7 +958,7 @@ efi_tcg2_hash_log_extend_event(struct efi_tcg2_protocol *this, u64 flags,
goto out;
if (efi_tcg_event->header.pcr_index > TPM2_MAX_PCRS) {
if (efi_tcg_event->header.pcr_index > EFI_TCG2_MAX_PCR_INDEX) {
goto out;
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