Commit db3ed2cf authored by Masahisa Kojima's avatar Masahisa Kojima Committed by Heinrich Schuchardt
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efi_loader: fix boot_service_capability_min calculation

TCG EFI Protocol Specification requires to the input
ProtocolCapability.Size < size of the EFI_TCG2_BOOT_SERVICE_CAPABILITY
up to and including the vendor ID field.
Current implementation does different calculation, let's fix it.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMasahisa Kojima <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIlias Apalodimas <>
Reviewed-by: Heinrich Schuchardt's avatarHeinrich Schuchardt <>
parent 580d7242
......@@ -127,8 +127,8 @@ struct efi_tcg2_boot_service_capability {
efi_tcg_event_algorithm_bitmap active_pcr_banks;
/* up to and including the vendor ID (manufacturer_id) field */
#define boot_service_capability_min \
sizeof(struct efi_tcg2_boot_service_capability) - \
offsetof(struct efi_tcg2_boot_service_capability, number_of_pcr_banks)
#define TCG_EFI_SPEC_ID_EVENT_SIGNATURE_03 "Spec ID Event03"
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