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Prepare for release 1.2.0

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commit f07ae7a9daef27a3d0213a4f3fe39d5342173c02
Author: Stefan Roese <>
Date: Sat Jan 6 15:58:09 2007 +0100
[PATCH] 44x: Fix problem with DDR controller setup (refresh rate)
This patch fixes a problem with an incorrect setup for the refresh
timer of the 44x DDR controller in the file cpu/ppc4xx/sdram.c
Signed-off-by: Stefan Roese <>
commit f16c1da9577f06c5fc08651a4065537407de4635
Author: Stefan Roese <>
Date: Sat Jan 6 15:56:13 2007 +0100
[PATCH] Update ALPR board files
This update brings the ALPR board support to the newest version.
It also fixes a problem with the NAND driver.
Signed-off-by: Stefan Roese <>
commit cd1d937f90250a32988c37b2b4af8364d25de8ed
Author: Stefan Roese <>
Date: Fri Jan 5 11:46:05 2007 +0100
[PATCH] nand: Fix problem with oobsize calculation
Here the description from Brian Brelsford <>:
The Hynix part returns a 0x1d in the 4th ID byte. The Samsung part
returns a 0x15. In the code fragment below bits [1:0] determine the
page size, it is ANDed via "(extid & 0x3)" then shifted out. The
next field is also ANDed with 0x3. However this is a one bit field
as defined in the Hynix and Samsung parts in the 4th ID byte that
determins the oobsize, not a two bit field. It works on Samsung as
bits[3:2] are 01. However for the Hynix there is a 11 in these two
bits, so the oob size gets messed up.
I checked the correct linux code and the suggested fix from Brian is
also available in the linux nand mtd driver.
Signed-off-by: Stefan Roese <>
commit a78bc443ae5a4a8ba87590587d5e35bf5a787b2e
Author: Stefan Roese <>
Date: Fri Jan 5 10:40:36 2007 +0100
[PATCH] Clear PLB4A0_ACR[WRP] on Sequoia (440EPx)
This fix will make the MAL burst disabling patch for the Linux
EMAC driver obsolete.
Signed-off-by: Stefan Roese <>
commit 023889838282b6237b401664f22dd22dfba2c066
Author: Stefan Roese <>
Date: Fri Jan 5 10:38:05 2007 +0100
[PATCH] Add DDR2 optimization code for Sequoia (440EPx) board
This code will optimize the DDR2 controller setup on a board specific
Note: This code doesn't work right now on the NAND booting image for the
Sequoia board, since it doesn't fit into the 4kBytes for the SPL image.
Signed-off-by: Stefan Roese <>
commit cce4acbb68398634b8d011ed7bb0d12269c84230
Author: Bartlomiej Sieka <>
Date: Thu Dec 28 19:08:21 2006 +0100
Few V38B changes:
- fix a typo in V38B config file
- move watchdog initialisation earlier in the boot process
- add "wdt=off" to default kernel command line (disables kernel watchdog)
commit 92eb729bad876725aeea908d2addba0800620840
Author: Wolfgang Denk <>
Date: Wed Dec 27 01:26:13 2006 +0100
Fix bug in adaption of Stefano Babic's CFI driver patch.
commit 9c0f42ecfe25f7ffce8ec7a815f03864d723ffe3
Author: Wolfgang Denk <>
Date: Sun Dec 24 01:42:57 2006 +0100
Minor code cleanup.
commit d784fdb05900ada3686d5778783e1fb328e9fb66
Author: Stefano Babic <>
Date: Tue Dec 12 00:22:42 2006 +0100
Fix cfi failure with Spansion Flash (Spansion Flash Devices have a different offset to go into CFI mode)
commit 1b3c360c235dc684ec06c2d5f183f0a282ce45e2
Author: Stefan Roese <>
Date: Fri Dec 22 14:29:40 2006 +0100
[PATCH] Fix sequoia flash autodetection (finally correct)
Now 32MByte and 64MByte FLASH is know to work and other
configurations should work too.
Signed-off-by: Stefan Roese <>
commit 82e5236a8b719543643fd26d5827938ab2b94818
Author: Wolfgang Denk <>
Date: Fri Dec 22 10:30:26 2006 +0100
Minor code cleanup; update CHANGELOG.
commit fa23044564091f05d9695beb7b5b9a931e7f41a4
Author: Heiko Schocher <>
Date: Thu Dec 21 17:17:02 2006 +0100
Added support for the TQM8272 board from TQ
Signed-off-by: Heiko Schocher <>
commit c84bad0ef60e7055ab0bd49b93069509cecc382a
Author: Bartlomiej Sieka <>
Date: Wed Dec 20 00:29:43 2006 +0100
......@@ -210,7 +331,7 @@ Date: Mon Nov 27 17:04:06 2006 +0100
[PATCH] Allow CONFIG_OF_FLAT_TREE to boot a non-arch/powerpc kernel
This patch allows an arch/ppc kernel to be booted by just passing 1 or 2
arguments to bootm. It removes the getenv("disable_of") test that used
arguments to bootm. It removes the getenv("disable_of") test that used
to be used for this purpose.
Signed-off-by: Grant Likely <>
......@@ -908,7 +1029,7 @@ Date: Tue Oct 24 23:47:37 2006 -0500
If a Multi-Image file contains a third image we try to use it as a
device tree. The device tree image is assumed to be uncompressed in the
image file. We automatically allocate space for the device tree in memory
image file. We automatically allocate space for the device tree in memory
and provide an 8k pad to allow more than a reasonable amount of growth.
Additionally, a device tree that was contained in flash will now automatically
......@@ -22,8 +22,8 @@
VERSION_FILE = $(obj)include/version_autogenerated.h
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