Commit 50b5544c authored by Stefan Eichenberger's avatar Stefan Eichenberger Committed by Stefan Roese
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arm: mvebu: a38x: serdes: improve USB3 electrical configuration

This is a backport from Marvell U-Boot:

commit 381d029e7a ("fix: serdes: a38x, a39x: Improve USB3 electrical

Improves electrical USB3 receiver jitter tolerance test:

- De-Emphasize force, in functional mode the transmitter should always
have 3.5db de-emphasize, so we are forcing it.

- After forcing De-Emphasize, choose 3.5db (After forcing, default is
6dB so need to change it to 3.5dB).

- Align90 set to 0x58 - this is the sample point in the receiver, after
the clock is recovered this sampler samples at the chosen value, usually
it is supposed to be 0x60(which is the center of the eye), but sometimes
after adding jitter and ISI the center of the eye can move slightly and
the sample point is not necessarily the exact center, and after
optimization (searching the middle of the eye manually) it was seen that
the center of the eye is actually 0x58 and not 0x60.

- FFE Res and FFE Cap set to 0xE & 0xF respectively: improves this
settings is adequate according to how the USB3 spec defines the
interconnect, thus improves USB3 jitter tolerance settings.

- Change the resolution of the DFE to 0x3 which is 6mV(highest
resolution) , this avoids the DFE to saturate and cease to work.

- HPF set to 0x3 which is 5Khz high pass filter, the function of the HPF
is to filter the low frequency patterns(below 5Khz) to make sure that
the signal is not a noise, the setting before was 0x1(205Khz), and the
change came since the USB3 CP0 pattern, that is used in the USB3 jitter
tolerance testing, is similar to PRBS15, which has 2^15=32768bits which
is 32768*200ps (200ps is one Unit interval in USB3(5Gbps)) = 6.5us,
which is in frequency terms: 152Khz. since the PRBS15 is a random
pattern and can theoretically have once in a while a pattern that will
be at frequency of 152Khz, hence the previous setting (205khz HPF) can
possibly filter this pattern which can cause to an error in the
receiver, thus this change to avoid such scenarios.
Signed-off-by: default avatarStefan Eichenberger <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarRené Straub <>
Reviewed-by: Stefan Roese's avatarStefan Roese <>
parent d61f3ee9
......@@ -459,18 +459,41 @@ struct op_params usb3_electrical_config_serdes_rev1_params[] = {
struct op_params usb3_electrical_config_serdes_rev2_params[] = {
/* Spread Spectrum Clock Enable */
{LANE_CFG4_REG, 0x800, 0x80, {0x80}, 0, 0},
/* Spread Spectrum Clock Enable, CFG_DFE_OVERRIDE and PIN_DFE_PAT_DIS */
{LANE_CFG4_REG, 0x800, 0xc2, {0xc0}, 0, 0},
{LANE_CFG5_REG, 0x800, 0x3, {0x3}, 0, 0},
/* G2_TX_SSC_AMP[6:0]=4.5k_p_pM and TX emphasis mode=m_v */
{G2_SETTINGS_2_REG, 0x800, 0xfe40, {0x4440}, 0, 0},
/* FFE Setting Force, FFE_RES[2:0]=0x6 and FFE_CAP[3:0]=0xf */
{G2_SETTINGS_3_REG, 0x800, 0xff, {0xef}, 0, 0},
/* G2_DFE_RES[1:0]=0x0(3mV)*/
{G2_SETTINGS_4_REG, 0x800, 0x300, {0x300}, 0, 0},
/* HPF_Bw[1:0]=0x3 */
{PLLINTP_REG1, 0x800, 0x300, {0x300}, 0, 0},
/* TXIMPCAL_TH[3:0]=0x3, RXIMPCAL_TH[3:0]=0x0 */
{VTHIMPCAL_CTRL_REG, 0x800, 0xff00, {0x3000}, 0, 0},
{LANE_CFG5_REG, 0x800, 0x3, {0x3}, 0, 0},
/* REFCLK_SEL(25Mhz), ICP_FORCE, ICP[3:0]=0xa(210uA); */
{MISC_REG, 0x800, 0x42f, {0x42a}, 0, 0},
/* REF_FREF_SEL[4:0]=0x2(25Mhz) */
{POWER_AND_PLL_CTRL_REG, 0x800, 0x1f, {0x02}, 0, 0},
* G2_RX SELMUFF[1:0]=3, G2_RX_SELMUFI[1:0]=3, G2_RX_SELMUPF[2:0]=2
* and G2_RX_SELMUPI[2:0]=2
{G2_SETTINGS_1_REG, 0x800, 0x3ff, {0x3d2}, 0, 0},
/* Dtl Clamping disable and Dtl-clamping-Sel(6000ppm) */
{RX_REG2, 0x800, 0xf0, {0x70}, 0, 0},
/* tx_amp_pipe_v0[4:0]=0x1a */
{PCIE_REG1, 0x800, 0xf80, {0xd00}, 0, 0},
/* vco_cal_vth_sel */
{REF_REG0, 0x800, 0x38, {0x20}, 0, 0},
/* Spread Spectrum Clock Enable */
{LANE_CFG5_REG, 0x800, 0x4, {0x4}, 0, 0},
{LANE_CFG0_REG, 0x800, 0x1, {0x1}, 0, 0},
{GLOBAL_TEST_CTRL, 0x800, 0x4, {0x4}, 0, 0},
/* PEX and USB3 - TX config seq */
......@@ -490,11 +513,11 @@ struct op_params pex_and_usb3_tx_config_params1[] = {
/* 10ms delay */
{0x0, 0x0, 0x0, {0x0, 0x0}, 10, 0},
/* os_ph_offset_force (align 90) */
{RX_REG3, 0x800, 0xff, {0xdc, NO_DATA}, 0, 0},
{RX_REG3, 0x800, 0xff, {0xdc, 0xd8}, 0, 0},
/* Set os_ph_valid */
{RX_REG3, 0x800, 0x100, {0x100, NO_DATA}, 0, 0},
{RX_REG3, 0x800, 0x100, {0x100, 0x100}, 0, 0},
/* Unset os_ph_valid */
{RX_REG3, 0x800, 0x100, {0x0, NO_DATA}, 0, 0},
{RX_REG3, 0x800, 0x100, {0x0, 0x0}, 0, 0},
struct op_params pex_and_usb3_tx_config_params2[] = {
......@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@
#define MISC_REG 0xa013c
#define GLUE_REG 0xa0140
#define PLLINTP_REG1 0xa0150
#define PCIE_REG0 0xa0120
#define LANE_ALIGN_REG0 0xa0124
......@@ -78,6 +79,7 @@
#define LANE_CFG4_REG 0xa0620
#define LANE_CFG5_REG 0xa0624
#define GLOBAL_CLK_CTRL 0xa0704
#define GLOBAL_TEST_CTRL 0xa0708
#define GLOBAL_MISC_CTRL 0xa0718
#define GLOBAL_CLK_SRC_HI 0xa0710
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