Commit cdf8534b authored by Michael Walle's avatar Michael Walle Committed by Priyanka Jain
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armv8: layerscape: use memalign() to allocate spintable code

Don't use efi_allocate_pages(). The allocated memory isn't carved out of
the lmb allocations. The memory might then be allocated twice.
Particulary, this might happened with the fdt_high/initrd_high feature
which will relocate the fdt/ramdisk. This might then overlap with the
spin table.

Instead use memalign() which allocates on memory on the heap which is
correctly carved out by lmb.

Please note, that the memory is later reserved in the device tree as
well as in the EFI memory map in ft_fixup_cpu() (in
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Walle <>
Reviewed-by: Priyanka Jain's avatarPriyanka Jain <>
parent 12d2b42a
......@@ -14,11 +14,12 @@
#include <asm/system.h>
#include <asm/arch/mp.h>
#include <asm/arch/soc.h>
#include <linux/compat.h>
#include <linux/delay.h>
#include <linux/psci.h>
#include <malloc.h>
#include "cpu.h"
#include <asm/arch-fsl-layerscape/soc.h>
#include <efi_loader.h>
......@@ -83,8 +84,7 @@ int fsl_layerscape_wake_seconday_cores(void)
int i, timeout = 10;
u64 *table;
u64 reloc_addr = U32_MAX;
efi_status_t ret;
void *reloc_addr;
......@@ -102,27 +102,26 @@ int fsl_layerscape_wake_seconday_cores(void)
* Keep this after the __real_cntfrq update, so we have it when we
* copy the complete section here.
ret = efi_allocate_pages(EFI_ALLOCATE_MAX_ADDRESS,
if (ret == EFI_SUCCESS) {
debug("Relocating spin table from %llx to %llx (size %lx)\n",
(u64)secondary_boot_code_start, reloc_addr,
reloc_addr = memalign(PAGE_SIZE,
round_up(secondary_boot_code_size, PAGE_SIZE));
if (reloc_addr) {
debug("Relocating spin table from %p to %p (size %lx)\n",
secondary_boot_code_start, reloc_addr,
memcpy((void *)reloc_addr, secondary_boot_code_start,
memcpy(reloc_addr, secondary_boot_code_start,
reloc_addr + secondary_boot_code_size);
flush_dcache_range((unsigned long)reloc_addr,
(unsigned long)reloc_addr +
/* set new entry point for secondary cores */
secondary_boot_addr += (void *)reloc_addr -
secondary_boot_addr += reloc_addr -
flush_dcache_range((unsigned long)&secondary_boot_addr,
(unsigned long)&secondary_boot_addr + 8);
/* this will be used to reserve the memory */
secondary_boot_code_start = (void *)reloc_addr;
secondary_boot_code_start = reloc_addr;
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