Commit f53e102e authored by Michael Walle's avatar Michael Walle Committed by Priyanka Jain
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armv8: fsl-layerscape: rework the dwc3 snooping enable code

Instead of looking at all USB (host) devices, just search all DWC3
device tree nodes. This will (1) fix a panic if of_match is zero and (2)
also apply the fixup if the controller is in peripheral mode. Both
happen when the DWC3 USB controller driver is used.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Walle <>
Reviewed-by: Priyanka Jain's avatarPriyanka Jain <>
parent bce039ac
......@@ -929,25 +929,23 @@ __weak int fsl_board_late_init(void)
#define DWC3_GSBUSCFG0_CACHETYPE(n) (((n) & 0xffff) \
void enable_dwc3_snooping(void)
static void enable_dwc3_snooping(void)
int ret;
u32 val;
struct udevice *bus;
struct uclass *uc;
static const char * const compatibles[] = {
fdt_addr_t dwc3_base;
ofnode node;
u32 val;
int i;
ret = uclass_get(UCLASS_USB, &uc);
if (ret)
uclass_foreach_dev(bus, uc) {
if (!strcmp(bus->driver->of_match->compatible, "fsl,layerscape-dwc3")) {
dwc3_base = devfdt_get_addr(bus);
if (dwc3_base == FDT_ADDR_T_NONE) {
dev_err(bus, "dwc3 regs missing\n");
for (i = 0; i < ARRAY_SIZE(compatibles); i++) {
ofnode_for_each_compatible_node(node, compatibles[i]) {
dwc3_base = ofnode_get_addr(node);
if (dwc3_base == FDT_ADDR_T_NONE)
val = in_le32(dwc3_base + DWC3_GSBUSCFG0);
val |= DWC3_GSBUSCFG0_CACHETYPE(0x2222);
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