Commit 88e1346e authored by Masahiro Yamada's avatar Masahiro Yamada Committed by Tom Rini
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tools: moveconfig: add Xtensa GCC prefix to CROSS_COMPILE list

This is needed to move CONFIG options for the recently-added

The tarball of the pre-built toolchain can be downloaded from:

Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada's avatarMasahiro Yamada <>
parent 8f894a4d
......@@ -203,7 +203,8 @@ CROSS_COMPILE = {
'powerpc': 'powerpc-linux-',
'sh': 'sh-linux-gnu-',
'sparc': 'sparc-linux-',
'x86': 'i386-linux-'
'x86': 'i386-linux-',
'xtensa': 'xtensa-linux-'
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