Commit 995fa61f authored by Rick Chen's avatar Rick Chen Committed by Andes
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MAINTAINERS: Remove Macpaul and add Rick as nds32 maintainer

Macpaul have left Andestech for a while, and this mail address can not received mail anymore.

It might encounter account creation problem in this switching
to gitlab about nds32 tree.

So change the nds32 maintainer as Rick Chen <>

Signed-off-by: Rick Chen's avatarRick Chen <>
Cc: KC Lin <>
parent 0de81535
......@@ -606,7 +606,7 @@ T: git
F: drivers/mtd/nand/raw/
M: Macpaul Lin <>
M: Rick Chen <>
S: Maintained
T: git
F: arch/nds32/
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