Commit d1d256e1 authored by Bin Meng's avatar Bin Meng Committed by Leo Yu-Chi Liang
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riscv: andes_plic: Fix riscv_get_ipi() mask

Current logic in riscv_get_ipi() for Andes PLICSW does not look
correct. The mask to test IPI pending bits for a hart should be
left shifted by (8 * gd->arch.boot_hart), just the same as what
is done in riscv_send_ipi().

Fixes: 8b3e97ba

 ("riscv: add functions for reading the IPI status")
Signed-off-by: Bin Meng's avatarBin Meng <>
Reviewed-by: Rick Chen's avatarRick Chen <>
Tested-by: Rick Chen's avatarRick Chen <>
parent efbcd66a
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......@@ -105,9 +105,11 @@ int riscv_clear_ipi(int hart)
int riscv_get_ipi(int hart, int *pending)
unsigned int ipi = (SEND_IPI_TO_HART(hart) << (8 * gd->arch.boot_hart));
*pending = readl((void __iomem *)PENDING_REG(gd->arch.plic,
*pending = !!(*pending & SEND_IPI_TO_HART(hart));
*pending = !!(*pending & ipi);
return 0;
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