Commit e8b68048 authored by Ye Li's avatar Ye Li Committed by Stefano Babic
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imx8ulp: Add workaround for eMMC boot

When booting from boot part1/2, the image offset should be 0, but
ROM has a bug to return 0x8000. Has to workaround the issue before
ROM fix it.

Use a ROM function to know boot from emmc boot part or user part
So we can set the image offset accordingly.
Signed-off-by: default avatarYe Li <>
parent 27b6a450
......@@ -265,10 +265,17 @@ unsigned long spl_nor_get_uboot_base(void)
u32 __weak spl_arch_boot_image_offset(u32 image_offset, u32 rom_bt_dev)
return image_offset;
ulong spl_romapi_get_uboot_base(u32 image_offset, u32 rom_bt_dev)
ulong end;
image_offset = spl_arch_boot_image_offset(image_offset, rom_bt_dev);
end = get_imageset_end((void *)(ulong)image_offset, ROM_API_DEV);
end = ROUND(end, SZ_1K);
......@@ -533,3 +533,13 @@ void imx_get_mac_from_fuse(int dev_id, unsigned char *mac)
memset(mac, 0, 6);
int (*card_emmc_is_boot_part_en)(void) = (void *)0x67cc;
u32 spl_arch_boot_image_offset(u32 image_offset, u32 rom_bt_dev)
/* Hard code for eMMC image_offset on 8ULP ROM, need fix by ROM, temp workaround */
if (((rom_bt_dev >> 16) & 0xff) == BT_DEV_TYPE_MMC && card_emmc_is_boot_part_en())
image_offset = 0;
return image_offset;
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