Commit 2ec2b4a2 authored by Jagan Teki's avatar Jagan Teki
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board: sunxi: gmac: Remove Ethernet clock and reset

Since Ethernet clock and reset is now handling via
CLK and RESET frameworks via driver API's remove
explicit ccm writes.
Signed-off-by: Jagan Teki's avatarJagan Teki <>
parent 11b31c62
......@@ -12,14 +12,6 @@ void eth_init_board(void)
struct sunxi_ccm_reg *const ccm =
(struct sunxi_ccm_reg *)SUNXI_CCM_BASE;
/* Set up clock gating */
setbits_le32(&ccm->ahb_reset0_cfg, 0x1 << AHB_RESET_OFFSET_GMAC);
setbits_le32(&ccm->ahb_gate0, 0x1 << AHB_GATE_OFFSET_GMAC);
setbits_le32(&ccm->ahb_gate1, 0x1 << AHB_GATE_OFFSET_GMAC);
/* Set MII clock */
setbits_le32(&ccm->gmac_clk_cfg, CCM_GMAC_CTRL_TX_CLK_SRC_INT_RGMII |
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