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    sunxi: dram: make MBUS configuration functions static · c9dd624a
    André Przywara authored
    The usage of the C keyword "inline" seems to be a common
    misunderstanding: it's a *hint* only, and modern compilers will inline
    (or not) functions based on their own judgement and provided compiler
    So while marking functions as "inline" does not do much, missing the
    "static" keyword will force to compiler to spell out a version of the
    function for potential external callers, which actually increases the
    code size (though hopefully the linker will drop the function).
    Change the "inline" attribute for the mbus_configure_port() functions in
    some Allwinner DRAM drivers to "static", so that the explicit version
    can actually be dropped from the object file, reducing the code size.
    "static inline" has a use case in header files, where it avoids a warning
    if a .c file including this header does not use the particular function.
    In a .c file itself "static inline" is not useful otherwise, so just use
    static here as well.
    Signed-off-by: Andre Przywara...