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    * Patch by Christian Hohnstaedt, 23 Apr 2004: · 0b8fa03b
    wdenk authored
      JFFS2 speed enhancements:
      - repair header CRC calculation in jffs2_1pass.c
      - add eraseblock size to the partition information to skip empty
        eraseblocks if we find more then 4k of free space.
      - The JFFS2 scanner is now fast enough to remove the spinning wheel
        so #ifdef-ed out.
      - add watchdog calls in long running loops
    * Patch by Philippe Robin, 22 Apr 2004:
      Fix ethernet configuration for "versatile" board
    * Patch by Kshitij Gupta, 21 Apr 2004:
      Remove busy loop and use MPU timer fr usleep() on OMAP1510/1610 boards
    * Patch by Steven Scholz, 24 Feb 2004:
      Fix a bug in AT91RM9200 ethernet driver:
      The MII interface is now initialized before accessing the PHY.
    * Cleanup PCI ID's
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