Commit 1fd93c6e authored by Pierre Aubert's avatar Pierre Aubert Committed by Pantelis Antoniou
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eMMC: cmd_mmc.c adds the 'rpmb' sub-command for the 'mmc' command

This sub-command adds support for the RPMB partition of an eMMC:
* mmc rpmb key <address of the authentication key>
  Programs the authentication key in the eMMC This key can not
  be overwritten.
* mmc rpmb read <address> <block> <#count> [address of key]
  Reads <#count> blocks of 256 bytes in the RPMB partition
  beginning at block number <block>. If the optionnal
  address of the authentication key is provided, the
  Message Authentication Code (MAC) is verified on each
* mmc rpmb write <address> <block> <#count> <address of key>
  Writes <#count> blocks of 256 bytes in the RPMB partition
  beginning at block number <block>. The datas are signed
  with the key provided.
* mmc rpmb counter
  Returns the 'Write counter' of the RPMB partition.

The sub-command is conditional on compilation flag CONFIG_SUPPORT_EMMC_RPMB
Acked-by: default avatarPantelis Antoniou <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarPierre Aubert <>
CC: Wolfgang Denk <>
parent a5dffa4b
......@@ -1534,6 +1534,16 @@ The following options need to be configured:
Define the clock frequency for MMCIF
Enable the generic MMC driver
Enable some additional features of the eMMC boot partitions.
Enable the commands for reading, writing and programming the
key for the Replay Protection Memory Block partition in eMMC.
- USB Device Firmware Update (DFU) class support:
This enables the USB portion of the DFU USB class
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