Commit 82a456a0 authored by Dario Binacchi's avatar Dario Binacchi Committed by Lokesh Vutla
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rtc: davinci: replace 32bit access with 8bit access

Use 32-bit access only where it is needed. Most of the RTC registers
contain useful information in the 8 least significant bits, the others
are reserved.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDario Binacchi <>
Signed-off-by: Lokesh Vutla's avatarLokesh Vutla <>
parent 6acee20e
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ int rtc_get(struct rtc_time *tmp)
unsigned long sec, min, hour, mday, wday, mon_cent, year;
unsigned long status;
status = readl(&rtc->status);
status = readb(&rtc->status);
if ((status & RTC_STATE_RUN) != RTC_STATE_RUN) {
printf("RTC doesn't run\n");
return -1;
......@@ -30,13 +30,13 @@ int rtc_get(struct rtc_time *tmp)
if ((status & RTC_STATE_BUSY) == RTC_STATE_BUSY)
sec = readl(&rtc->second);
min = readl(&rtc->minutes);
hour = readl(&rtc->hours);
mday = readl(&rtc->day);
wday = readl(&rtc->dotw);
mon_cent = readl(&rtc->month);
year = readl(&rtc->year);
sec = readb(&rtc->second);
min = readb(&rtc->minutes);
hour = readb(&rtc->hours);
mday = readb(&rtc->day);
wday = readb(&rtc->dotw);
mon_cent = readb(&rtc->month);
year = readb(&rtc->year);
debug("Get RTC year: %02lx mon/cent: %02lx mday: %02lx wday: %02lx "
"hr: %02lx min: %02lx sec: %02lx\n",
......@@ -67,14 +67,14 @@ int rtc_set(struct rtc_time *tmp)
debug("Set DATE: %4d-%02d-%02d (wday=%d) TIME: %2d:%02d:%02d\n",
tmp->tm_year, tmp->tm_mon, tmp->tm_mday, tmp->tm_wday,
tmp->tm_hour, tmp->tm_min, tmp->tm_sec);
writel(bin2bcd(tmp->tm_year % 100), &rtc->year);
writel(bin2bcd(tmp->tm_mon), &rtc->month);
writeb(bin2bcd(tmp->tm_year % 100), &rtc->year);
writeb(bin2bcd(tmp->tm_mon), &rtc->month);
writel(bin2bcd(tmp->tm_wday), &rtc->dotw);
writel(bin2bcd(tmp->tm_mday), &rtc->day);
writel(bin2bcd(tmp->tm_hour), &rtc->hours);
writel(bin2bcd(tmp->tm_min), &rtc->minutes);
writel(bin2bcd(tmp->tm_sec), &rtc->second);
writeb(bin2bcd(tmp->tm_wday), &rtc->dotw);
writeb(bin2bcd(tmp->tm_mday), &rtc->day);
writeb(bin2bcd(tmp->tm_hour), &rtc->hours);
writeb(bin2bcd(tmp->tm_min), &rtc->minutes);
writeb(bin2bcd(tmp->tm_sec), &rtc->second);
return 0;
......@@ -83,5 +83,5 @@ void rtc_reset(void)
struct davinci_rtc *rtc = (struct davinci_rtc *)RTC_BASE;
/* run RTC counter */
writel(0x01, &rtc->ctrl);
writeb(0x01, &rtc->ctrl);
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