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README: Cleanup description of supported partitions.

README: Cleanup description of supported partitions.
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......@@ -951,13 +951,20 @@ The following options need to be configured:
commands like bootm or iminfo. This option is
automatically enabled when you select CONFIG_CMD_DATE .
- Partition Support:
- Partition Labels (disklabels) Supported:
Zero or more of the following:
CONFIG_MAC_PARTITION Apple's MacOS partition table.
CONFIG_DOS_PARTITION MS Dos partition table, traditional on the
Intel architecture, USB sticks, etc.
CONFIG_ISO_PARTITION ISO partition table, used on CDROM etc.
CONFIG_EFI_PARTITION GPT partition table, common when EFI is the
bootloader. Note 2TB partition limit; see
CONFIG_MTD_PARTITIONS Memory Technology Device partition table.
If IDE or SCSI support is enabled (CONFIG_CMD_IDE or
CONFIG_CMD_SCSI) you must configure support for at
least one partition type as well.
least one non-MTD partition type as well.
- IDE Reset method:
CONFIG_IDE_RESET_ROUTINE - this is defined in several
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