Commit 94bcfe52 authored by Nishanth Menon's avatar Nishanth Menon Committed by Tom Rini
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Makefile: remove MLO.byteswap on clobber

On clobber, do a cleanup even for SPL build else, we'd have
MLO.byteswap remaining for certain platforms like am33xx SPL builds
Signed-off-by: default avatarNishanth Menon <>
parent 0e29a248
...@@ -869,7 +869,7 @@ clobber: tidy ...@@ -869,7 +869,7 @@ clobber: tidy
@rm -f $(obj)nand_spl/{,u-boot-spl,} @rm -f $(obj)nand_spl/{,u-boot-spl,}
@rm -f $(obj)spl/{u-boot-spl,u-boot-spl.bin,} @rm -f $(obj)spl/{u-boot-spl,u-boot-spl.bin,}
@rm -f $(obj)spl/{,u-boot.lst} @rm -f $(obj)spl/{,u-boot.lst}
@rm -f $(obj)MLO @rm -f $(obj)MLO MLO.byteswap
@rm -f $(obj)SPL @rm -f $(obj)SPL
@rm -f $(obj)tools/xway-swap-bytes @rm -f $(obj)tools/xway-swap-bytes
@rm -f $(obj)arch/powerpc/cpu/mpc824x/bedbug_603e.c @rm -f $(obj)arch/powerpc/cpu/mpc824x/bedbug_603e.c
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