Commit c6b1ee66 authored by Alexander Holler's avatar Alexander Holler Committed by Wolfgang Denk
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Fix defines needed to enable command sha1sum

Documented is CONFIG_CMD_SHA1, through confusion in the source
CONFIG_CMD_SHA1 and CONFIG_CMD_SHA1SUM has to be used to enable

Fix both, the documentation and the source, so that only
CONFIG_CMD_SHA1SUM is needed to enable the command sha1sum.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAlexander Holler <>
parent a98ec7e8
......@@ -675,7 +675,7 @@ The following options need to be configured:
(requires CONFIG_CMD_I2C)
CONFIG_CMD_SETGETDCR Support for DCR Register access
(4xx only)
CONFIG_CMD_SHA1 print sha1 memory digest
CONFIG_CMD_SHA1SUM print sha1 memory digest
CONFIG_CMD_SOURCE "source" command Support
CONFIG_CMD_SPI * SPI serial bus support
......@@ -1184,7 +1184,7 @@ int do_md5sum(cmd_tbl_t *cmdtp, int flag, int argc, char * const argv[])
int do_sha1sum(cmd_tbl_t *cmdtp, int flag, int argc, char * const argv[])
unsigned long addr, len;
......@@ -1343,7 +1343,7 @@ U_BOOT_CMD(
"compute SHA1 message digest",
"address count"
#endif /* CONFIG_CMD_SHA1 */
#endif /* CONFIG_CMD_SHA1SUM */
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