Commit da8808df authored by Joakim Tjernlund's avatar Joakim Tjernlund Committed by Wolfgang Denk
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Add CFG_RTC_DS1337_NOOSC to turn off OSC output

The default settings for RTC DS1337 keeps the OSC
output, 32,768 Hz, on. This add CFG_RTC_DS1337_NOOSC to
turn it off.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJoakim Tjernlund <>
parent 438a4c11
......@@ -689,6 +689,7 @@ The following options need to be configured:
CONFIG_RTC_DS164x - use Dallas DS164x RTC
CONFIG_RTC_ISL1208 - use Intersil ISL1208 RTC
CONFIG_RTC_MAX6900 - use Maxim, Inc. MAX6900 RTC
CFG_RTC_DS1337_NOOSC - Turn off the OSC output for DS1337
Note that if the RTC uses I2C, then the I2C interface
must also be configured. See I2C Support, below.
......@@ -158,11 +158,18 @@ void rtc_set (struct rtc_time *tmp)
* SQW/INTB* pin and program it for 32,768 Hz output. Note that
* according to the datasheet, turning on the square wave output
* increases the current drain on the backup battery from about
* 600 nA to 2uA.
* 600 nA to 2uA. Define CFG_RTC_DS1337_NOOSC if you wish to turn
* off the OSC output.
#ifdef CFG_RTC_DS1337_NOOSC
#define RTC_DS1337_RESET_VAL \
void rtc_reset (void)
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