1. 20 May, 2008 1 commit
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      Big white-space cleanup. · 53677ef1
      Wolfgang Denk authored
      This commit gets rid of a huge amount of silly white-space issues.
      Especially, all sequences of SPACEs followed by TAB characters get
      removed (unless they appear in print statements).
      Also remove all embedded "vim:" and "vi:" statements which hide
      indentation problems.
      Signed-off-by: Wolfgang Denk's avatarWolfgang Denk <wd@denx.de>
  2. 10 Jul, 2007 1 commit
  3. 05 Jul, 2007 1 commit
  4. 11 Oct, 2004 1 commit
  5. 02 Aug, 2004 1 commit
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      * Patch by Andreas Engel, 12 Jul 2004: · 6705d81e
      wdenk authored
        Replaced hardcoded PL011 clock frequency with config variable.
        Fixed wrong CONFIG_CMD_DFL doc.
      * Patch by Thomas Viehweger, 09 Jun 2004:
        make it possible to remove chpart when there is only one partition
  6. 25 Apr, 2004 1 commit
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      * Patch by Christian Hohnstaedt, 23 Apr 2004: · 0b8fa03b
      wdenk authored
        JFFS2 speed enhancements:
        - repair header CRC calculation in jffs2_1pass.c
        - add eraseblock size to the partition information to skip empty
          eraseblocks if we find more then 4k of free space.
        - The JFFS2 scanner is now fast enough to remove the spinning wheel
          so #ifdef-ed out.
        - add watchdog calls in long running loops
      * Patch by Philippe Robin, 22 Apr 2004:
        Fix ethernet configuration for "versatile" board
      * Patch by Kshitij Gupta, 21 Apr 2004:
        Remove busy loop and use MPU timer fr usleep() on OMAP1510/1610 boards
      * Patch by Steven Scholz, 24 Feb 2004:
        Fix a bug in AT91RM9200 ethernet driver:
        The MII interface is now initialized before accessing the PHY.
      * Cleanup PCI ID's
  7. 14 Mar, 2004 2 commits
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      Code cleanup; make several boards compile & link. · 42dfe7a1
      wdenk authored
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      * Patch by Philippe Robin, 09 Mar 2004: · 3d3befa7
      wdenk authored
        Added ARM Integrator AP, CP and Versatile PB926EJ-S Reference
        Platform support.
      * Patch by Masami Komiya, 08 Mar 2004:
        Don't overwrite server IP address or boot file name
        when the boot server does not return values
      * Patch by listmember@orkun.us, 5 Mar 2004:
        Removed compile time restriction on CFG_I2C_SPEED for DS1338 RTC