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    • Wolfgang Denk's avatar
      Replace CONFIG_SYS_GBL_DATA_SIZE by auto-generated value · 25ddd1fb
      Wolfgang Denk authored
      CONFIG_SYS_GBL_DATA_SIZE has always been just a bad workarond for not
      being able to use "sizeof(struct global_data)" in assembler files.
      Recent experience has shown that manual synchronization is not
      reliable enough.  This patch renames CONFIG_SYS_GBL_DATA_SIZE into
      GENERATED_GBL_DATA_SIZE which gets automatically generated by the
      asm-offsets tool.  In the result, all definitions of this value can be
      deleted from the board config files.  We have to make sure that all
      files that reference such data include the new <asm-offsets.h> file.
      No other changes have been done yet, but it is obvious that similar
      changes / simplifications can be done for other, related macro
      definitions as well.
      Signed-off-by: Wolfgang Denk's avatarWolfgang Denk <wd@denx.de>
      Acked-by: default avatarKumar Gala <galak@kernel.crashing.org>
    • Wolfgang Denk's avatar
      Wolfgang Denk authored
      CONFIG_SYS_INIT_RAM_END was a misnomer as it suggests this might be
      some end address; to make the meaning more clear we rename it into
      No other code changes are performed in this patch, only minor editing
      of white space (due to the changed length) and the comments was done,
      where noticed.
      Note that the code for the PATI and cmi_mpc5xx board configurations
      looks seriously broken.  Last known maintainers on Cc:
      Signed-off-by: Wolfgang Denk's avatarWolfgang Denk <wd@denx.de>
      Cc: Denis Peter <d.peter@mpl.ch>
      Cc: Martin Winistoerfer <martinwinistoerfer@gmx.ch>
      Acked-by: default avatarKumar Gala <galak@kernel.crashing.org>
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    • Stefan Roese's avatar
      mpc512x: MPC5121ADS: Add NAND support · 229549a5
      Stefan Roese authored and Wolfgang Denk's avatar Wolfgang Denk committed
      This patch adds NAND support to the MPC5121ADS board. Please
      note that the image size increased since NAND support didn't
      fit in the current image size (256k).
      Signed-off-by: Stefan Roese's avatarStefan Roese <sr@denx.de>
      Signed-off-by: Wolfgang Denk's avatarWolfgang Denk <wd@denx.de>
      Cc: Wolfgang Denk <wd@denx.de>
    • Wolfgang Denk's avatar
      MPC512x: remove include/mpc512x.h · 3b74e7ec
      Wolfgang Denk authored
      Move needed definitions (register descriptions etc.) from
      include/mpc512x.h  into  include/asm-ppc/immap_512x.h.
      Instead of using a #define'd register offset, use a function that
      provides the PATA controller's base address.
      All the rest of include/mpc512x.h are register offset definitions
      which can be eliminated by proper use of C structures.
      There are only a few register offsets remaining that are needed in
      cpu/mpc512x/start.S; for these we provide cpu/mpc512x/asm-offsets.h
      which is intended as a temporary workaround only. In a later patch
      this file will be removed, too, and then auto-generated from the
      respective C structs.
      Signed-off-by: Wolfgang Denk's avatarWolfgang Denk <wd@denx.de>
      Cc: John Rigby <jcrigby@gmail.com>
    • Wolfgang Denk's avatar
      Rename ads5121 board into mpc5121ads · 72601d04
      Wolfgang Denk authored
      We rename the board so we use a consistent name in U-Boot and in
      Linux.  Also, we use this opportunity to move the board into the
      Freecale vendor directory.
      Signed-off-by: Wolfgang Denk's avatarWolfgang Denk <wd@denx.de>
      Cc: John Rigby <jcrigby@gmail.com>
    • Peter Tyser's avatar
      i2c: Remove deprecated individual i2c commands · d48eb513
      Peter Tyser authored and Wolfgang Denk's avatar Wolfgang Denk committed
      The following individual I2C commands have been removed: imd, imm, inm,
      imw, icrc32, iprobe, iloop, isdram.
      The functionality of the individual commands is still available via
      the 'i2c' command.
      This change only has an impact on those boards which did not have
      CONFIG_I2C_CMD_TREE defined.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarPeter Tyser <ptyser@xes-inc.com>
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    • John Rigby's avatar
      ADS5121: Fix NOR and CPLD ALE timing for rev 2 silicon · 8a490422
      John Rigby authored
      MPC5121 rev 2 silicon has a new register for controlling how long
      CS is asserted after deassertion of ALE in multiplexed mode.
      The default is to assert CS together with ALE.  The alternative
      is to assert CS (ALEN+1)*LPC_CLK clocks after deassertion of ALE.
      The default is wrong for the NOR flash and CPLD on the ADS5121.
      This patch turns on the alternative for CS0 (NOR) and CS2 (CPLD)
      it does so conditionally based on silicon rev 2.0 or greater.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMartha J Marx <mmarx@silicontkx.com>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn Rigby <jrigby@freescale.com>
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    • John Rigby's avatar
      mpc5121: squash some fdt fixup errors · ef11df6b
      John Rigby authored
      On ADS5121 when booting linux the following errors are seen:
          Unable to update property /soc5121@80000000:bus-frequency, err=FDT_ERR_NOTFOUND
          Unable to update property /soc5121@80000000/ethernet@2800:local-mac-address, err=FDT_ERR_NOTFOUND
          Unable to update property /soc5121@80000000/ethernet@2800:address, err=FDT_ERR_NOTFOUND
      This is caused by ft_cpu_setup trying to deal with
      both old and new soc node naming.  This patch
      fixes this by being smarter about what to
      Also do soc node fixups by compatible instead of by path.
      A new board config called OF_SOC_COMPAT defined
      to be "fsl,mpc5121-immr" replaces the old
      OF_SOC node path that was defined to be "soc@80000000".
      Old device trees still work, but the compatiblity
      is conditional on CONFIG_OF_SUPPORT_OLD_DEVICE_TREES
      which is on by default in include/configs/ads5121.h.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn Rigby <jrigby@freescale.com>
  21. 10 Jul, 2008 2 commits
  22. 03 Jun, 2008 1 commit
    • Becky Bruce's avatar
      PPC: Create and use CONFIG_HIGH_BATS · 31d82672
      Becky Bruce authored and Wolfgang Denk's avatar Wolfgang Denk committed
      Change all code that conditionally operates on high bat
      registers (that is, BATs 4-7) to look at CONFIG_HIGH_BATS
      instead of the myriad ways this is done now.  Define the option
      for every config for which high bats are supported (and
      enabled by early boot, on parts where they're not always
      Signed-off-by: default avatarBecky Bruce <becky.bruce@freescale.com>
  23. 20 May, 2008 1 commit