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    net: phy: don't require PHY interface mode during PHY creation · e24b58f5
    Marek Behún authored
    Currently we require PHY interface mode to be known when
    finding/creating the PHY - the functions
      * phy_connect_phy_id()
      * phy_device_create()
      * create_phy_by_mask()
      * search_for_existing_phy()
      * get_phy_device_by_mask()
      * phy_find_by_mask()
    all require the interface parameter, but the only thing done with it is
    that it is assigned to phydev->interface.
    This makes it impossible to find a PHY device without overwriting the
    set mode.
    Since the interface mode is not used during .probe() and should be used
    at first in .config(), drop the interface parameter from these
    functions. Make the default value of phydev->interface (in
    phy_device_create()) to be PHY_INTERFACE_MODE_NA. Move the interface
    parameter to phy_connect_dev(), where it should be.
    Change all occurrences treewide. In occurrences where we don't call
    phy_connect_dev() for some reason (they only configure the PHY without
    connecting it to an ethernet controller), set