Commit 2af13d6b authored by Bo Shen's avatar Bo Shen Committed by Tom Rini
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lcd: fix console address is not initialized

This commit 904672ee

 (lcd: refactor lcd console stuff into its
own file), which cause lcd console address is not initialized.

This patch initialize the lcd console use the default value,
will be update when splash screen is enabled.
Signed-off-by: default avatarBo Shen <>
parent 2a50712e
......@@ -268,6 +268,7 @@ void lcd_clear(void)
console_rows = panel_info.vl_row / VIDEO_FONT_HEIGHT;
console_cols = panel_info.vl_col / VIDEO_FONT_WIDTH;
lcd_init_console(lcd_base, console_rows, console_cols);
lcd_init_console(lcd_logo(), console_rows, console_cols);
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