Commit 92055e13 authored by Alexandru Gagniuc's avatar Alexandru Gagniuc Committed by Tom Rini
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image: Drop if/elseif hash selection in calculate_hash()

calculate_hash() would try to select the appropriate hashing function
by a if/elseif contruct. But that is exactly why hash_lookup_algo()
exists, so use it instead.

This does mean that we now have to 'select HASH' to make sure we get
the hash_lookup_algo() symbol. However, the change makes sense because
even basic FITs will have to deal with "hash" nodes.

My only concern is that the 'select SPL_HASH' might cause some
platform to grow above its SPL size allowance
Signed-off-by: default avatarAlexandru Gagniuc <>
[trini: Make FSL_CAAM be implied only on ARM && SPL]
Signed-off-by: Tom Rini's avatarTom Rini <>
parent fe54aeaa
......@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ config ANDROID_BOOT_IMAGE
config FIT
bool "Support Flattened Image Tree"
select HASH
select MD5
select SHA1
imply SHA256
......@@ -134,6 +135,7 @@ if SPL
config SPL_FIT
bool "Support Flattened Image Tree within SPL"
depends on SPL
select SPL_HASH
......@@ -1193,6 +1193,12 @@ int fit_set_timestamp(void *fit, int noffset, time_t timestamp)
return 0;
static void crc32_uimage_fixup(void *value)
/* TODO: In C, this type punning is undefined behavior: */
*((uint32_t *)value) = cpu_to_uimage(*((uint32_t *)value));
* calculate_hash - calculate and return hash for provided input data
* @data: pointer to the input data
......@@ -1211,37 +1217,24 @@ int fit_set_timestamp(void *fit, int noffset, time_t timestamp)
* 0, on success
* -1, when algo is unsupported
int calculate_hash(const void *data, int data_len, const char *algo,
int calculate_hash(const void *data, int data_len, const char *name,
uint8_t *value, int *value_len)
if (IMAGE_ENABLE_CRC32 && strcmp(algo, "crc32") == 0) {
*((uint32_t *)value) = crc32_wd(0, data, data_len,
*((uint32_t *)value) = cpu_to_uimage(*((uint32_t *)value));
*value_len = 4;
} else if (CONFIG_IS_ENABLED(SHA1) && strcmp(algo, "sha1") == 0) {
sha1_csum_wd((unsigned char *)data, data_len,
(unsigned char *)value, CHUNKSZ_SHA1);
*value_len = 20;
} else if (CONFIG_IS_ENABLED(SHA256) && strcmp(algo, "sha256") == 0) {
sha256_csum_wd((unsigned char *)data, data_len,
(unsigned char *)value, CHUNKSZ_SHA256);
*value_len = SHA256_SUM_LEN;
} else if (CONFIG_IS_ENABLED(SHA384) && strcmp(algo, "sha384") == 0) {
sha384_csum_wd((unsigned char *)data, data_len,
(unsigned char *)value, CHUNKSZ_SHA384);
*value_len = SHA384_SUM_LEN;
} else if (CONFIG_IS_ENABLED(SHA512) && strcmp(algo, "sha512") == 0) {
sha512_csum_wd((unsigned char *)data, data_len,
(unsigned char *)value, CHUNKSZ_SHA512);
*value_len = SHA512_SUM_LEN;
} else if (IMAGE_ENABLE_MD5 && strcmp(algo, "md5") == 0) {
md5_wd((unsigned char *)data, data_len, value, CHUNKSZ_MD5);
*value_len = 16;
} else {
struct hash_algo *algo;
int ret;
ret = hash_lookup_algo(name, &algo);
if (ret < 0) {
debug("Unsupported hash alogrithm\n");
return -1;
algo->hash_func_ws(data, data_len, value, algo->chunk_size);
*value_len = algo->digest_size;
if (!strcmp(name, "crc32"))
return 0;
config FSL_CAAM
bool "Freescale Crypto Driver Support"
# hw_sha1() under drivers/crypto, and needed with SHA_HW_ACCEL
imply SPL_CRYPTO if (ARM && SPL)
imply CMD_HASH
Enables the Freescale's Cryptographic Accelerator and Assurance
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