Commit a59e2799 authored by Wolfgang Denk's avatar Wolfgang Denk
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Prepare 2010.06

Signed-off-by: Wolfgang Denk's avatarWolfgang Denk <>
parent 161e4ae4
commit 161e4ae46046282fde6a69a0f1f80965f2a1b6f4
Author: Heiko Schocher <>
Date: Thu Jun 17 07:01:40 2010 +0200
powerpc: fix wrong comment at GOT definitions
r12 is used for accessing the GOT not r14. Fix this in the
Signed-off-by: Heiko Schocher <>
commit 7030d56b7946c8db2e8082a9b84cd69b9540a0ca
Author: Becky Bruce <>
Date: Thu Jun 17 11:37:27 2010 -0500
MAKEALL: Add missing powerpc 36-bit targets
We were missing 8641HPCN_36BIT and MPC8536DS_36BIT.
Signed-off-by: Becky Bruce <>
commit e03b4d296b27790de3b25edd32784d20538240d8
Author: Anatolij Gustschin <>
Date: Sat Jun 26 00:39:28 2010 +0200
Fix compiler warnings for EVB64260, P3G4 and ZUMA
Fix following warnings:
Configuring for EVB64260 board...
mpsc.c: In function 'mpsc_putchar_early':
mpsc.c:121: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules
mpsc.c:127: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules
Signed-off-by: Anatolij Gustschin <>
commit 9fb3b5085787baad8a133e347ad12c5b3a022e98
Author: Sergei Shtylyov <>
Date: Mon Jun 28 22:44:49 2010 +0400
EHCI: zero out QH transfer overlay in ehci_submit_async()
ehci_submit_async() doesn't really zero out the QH transfer overlay (as the EHCI
specification suggests) which leads to the controller seeing the "token" field
as the previous call has left it, i.e.:
- if a timeout occured on the previous call (Active bit left as 1), controller
incorrectly tries to complete a previous transaction on a newly programmed
- if a halt occured on the previous call (Halted bit set to 1), controller just
ignores the newly programmed TD(s) and the function then keeps returning error
ad infinitum.
This turned out to be caused by the wrong orger of the arguments to the memset()
call in ehci_alloc(), so the allocated TDs weren't cleared either.
While at it, stop needlessly initializing the alternate next TD pointer in the
QH transfer overlay...
Signed-off-by: Sergei Shtylyov <>
Acked-by: Remy Bohmer <>
commit 0d7f4abcf6bbef06504c82e03f11054468262430
Author: Remy Bohmer <>
Date: Thu Jun 17 21:17:08 2010 +0200
Fix console_buffer size conflict error.
The console_buffer size is declared in common/main.c as
-- char console_buffer[CONFIG_SYS_CBSIZE + 1];
so this extern definition is wrong.
Signed-off-by: Remy Bohmer <>
commit 38c38c344c200ee90cfd243671473c449b6f0815
Author: Poonam Aggrwal <>
Date: Tue Jun 22 12:50:46 2010 +0530
85xx/p1_p2_rdb: Added RevD board version support
- Also modified the code to use io accessors.
Signed-off-by: Poonam Aggrwal <>
Signed-off-by: Dipen Dudhat <>
Acked-by: Kumar Gala <>
commit c987f4753b0afadb38acd7e61df7ba11e8a0203f
Author: Felix Radensky <>
Date: Mon Jun 28 01:57:39 2010 +0300
tsec: Fix eTSEC2 link problem on P2020RDB
On P2020RDB eTSEC2 is connected to Vitesse VSC8221 PHY via SGMII.
Current TBI PHY settings for SGMII mode cause link problems on
this platform, link never comes up.
Fix this by making TBI PHY settings configurable and add a working
configuration for P2020RDB.
Signed-off-by: Felix Radensky <>
Acked-by: Andy Fleming <>
Acked-by: Peter Tyser <>
Tested-by: Peter Tyser <>
commit d3bee08332fbc9cc5b6dc22ecd34050a85d44d0a
Author: Poonam Aggrwal <>
Date: Wed Jun 23 19:32:28 2010 +0530
85xx/p1_p2_rdb: Modify the CLK_CTRL value for DDR at 667MHz
Use a slighly larger value of CLK_CTRL for DDR at 667MHz
which fixes random crashes while linux booting.
Applicable for both NAND and NOR boot.
Signed-off-by: Sandeep Gopalpet <>
Signed-off-by: Poonam Aggrwal <>
Acked-by: Andy Fleming <>
commit cdc6363f423900645265563d705a0a5a964ae40c
Author: Poonam Aggrwal <>
Date: Wed Jun 23 19:42:07 2010 +0530
85xx/p1_p2_rdb: not able to modify "$bootfile" environment variable
Because the variable was getting defined twice.
Signed-off-by: Poonam Aggrwal <>
Acked-by: Andy Fleming <>
commit 4ccd5510e50b5675227a1fe0e5ca099d333f637d
Author: Wolfgang Denk <>
Date: Tue Jun 29 01:33:35 2010 +0200
MPC512x: workaround data corruption for unaligned local bus accesses
Commit 460c2ce3 "MPC5200: workaround data corruption for unaligned
local bus accesses" fixed the problem for MPC5200 only, but MPC512x is
affected as well, so apply the same fix here, too.
Signed-off-by: Wolfgang Denk <>
Cc: Detlev Zundel <>
Cc: Anatolij Gustschin <>
Acked-by: Detlev Zundel <>
commit 482126e27b3dbf0e69a6445da8b94b3551adf05d
Author: Wolfgang Denk <>
Date: Wed Jun 23 20:50:54 2010 +0200
Prepare v2010.06-rc3
Signed-off-by: Wolfgang Denk <>
commit 460c2ce362e56890c2a029e2c3b1ff2796c7fc54
Author: Wolfgang Denk <>
Date: Mon Jun 21 22:29:59 2010 +0200
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
VERSION = 2010
ifneq "$(SUBLEVEL)" ""
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