Commit e0ff3489 authored by Ilias Apalodimas's avatar Ilias Apalodimas Committed by Heinrich Schuchardt
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tpm2: Add a TPMv2 MMIO TIS driver

Add support for devices that expose a TPMv2 though MMIO.
Apart from those devices, we can use the driver in our QEMU setups and
test TPM related code which is difficult to achieve using the sandbox
driver (e.g test the EFI TCG2 protocol).

It's worth noting that a previous patch added TPMv2 TIS core functions,
which the current driver is consuming.
Reviewed-by: Simon Glass's avatarSimon Glass <>
Signed-off-by: Ilias Apalodimas's avatarIlias Apalodimas <>
parent 2c9626c4
......@@ -161,6 +161,15 @@ config TPM2_FTPM_TEE
This driver supports firmware TPM running in TEE.
config TPM2_MMIO
bool "MMIO based TPM2 Interface"
depends on TPM_V2
This driver supports firmware TPM2.0 MMIO interface.
The usual TPM operations and the 'tpm' command can be used to talk
to the device using the standard TPM Interface Specification (TIS)
endif # TPM_V2
......@@ -14,3 +14,4 @@ obj-$(CONFIG_$(SPL_TPL_)TPM2_CR50_I2C) += cr50_i2c.o
obj-$(CONFIG_TPM2_TIS_SANDBOX) += tpm2_tis_sandbox.o sandbox_common.o
obj-$(CONFIG_TPM2_TIS_SPI) += tpm2_tis_spi.o
obj-$(CONFIG_TPM2_FTPM_TEE) += tpm2_ftpm_tee.o
obj-$(CONFIG_TPM2_MMIO) += tpm2_tis_core.o tpm2_tis_mmio.o
// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
* driver for mmio TCG/TIS TPM (trusted platform module).
* Specifications at
#include <common.h>
#include <dm.h>
#include <log.h>
#include <tpm-v2.h>
#include <linux/bitops.h>
#include <linux/compiler.h>
#include <linux/delay.h>
#include <linux/errno.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/io.h>
#include <linux/unaligned/be_byteshift.h>
#include "tpm_tis.h"
#include "tpm_internal.h"
* struct tpm_tis_chip_data - Information about an MMIO TPM
* @pcr_count: Number of PCR per bank
* @pcr_select_min: Minimum size in bytes of the pcrSelect array
* @iobase: Base address
struct tpm_tis_chip_data {
unsigned int pcr_count;
unsigned int pcr_select_min;
void __iomem *iobase;
static int mmio_read_bytes(struct udevice *dev, u32 addr, u16 len,
u8 *result)
struct tpm_tis_chip_data *drv_data = (void *)dev_get_driver_data(dev);
while (len--)
*result++ = ioread8(drv_data->iobase + addr);
return 0;
static int mmio_write_bytes(struct udevice *dev, u32 addr, u16 len,
const u8 *value)
struct tpm_tis_chip_data *drv_data = (void *)dev_get_driver_data(dev);
while (len--)
iowrite8(*value++, drv_data->iobase + addr);
return 0;
static int mmio_read32(struct udevice *dev, u32 addr, u32 *result)
struct tpm_tis_chip_data *drv_data = (void *)dev_get_driver_data(dev);
*result = ioread32(drv_data->iobase + addr);
return 0;
static int mmio_write32(struct udevice *dev, u32 addr, u32 value)
struct tpm_tis_chip_data *drv_data = (void *)dev_get_driver_data(dev);
iowrite32(value, drv_data->iobase + addr);
return 0;
static struct tpm_tis_phy_ops phy_ops = {
.read_bytes = mmio_read_bytes,
.write_bytes = mmio_write_bytes,
.read32 = mmio_read32,
.write32 = mmio_write32,
static int tpm_tis_probe(struct udevice *dev)
struct tpm_tis_chip_data *drv_data = (void *)dev_get_driver_data(dev);
struct tpm_chip_priv *priv = dev_get_uclass_priv(dev);
int ret = 0;
fdt_addr_t ioaddr;
u64 sz;
ioaddr = dev_read_addr(dev);
if (ioaddr == FDT_ADDR_T_NONE)
return log_msg_ret("ioaddr", -EINVAL);
ret = dev_read_u64(dev, "reg", &sz);
if (ret)
return -EINVAL;
drv_data->iobase = ioremap(ioaddr, sz);
tpm_tis_ops_register(dev, &phy_ops);
ret = tpm_tis_init(dev);
if (ret)
goto iounmap;
priv->pcr_count = drv_data->pcr_count;
priv->pcr_select_min = drv_data->pcr_select_min;
* Although the driver probably works with a TPMv1 our Kconfig
* limits the driver to TPMv2 only
priv->version = TPM_V2;
return ret;
return -EINVAL;
static int tpm_tis_remove(struct udevice *dev)
struct tpm_tis_chip_data *drv_data = (void *)dev_get_driver_data(dev);
return tpm_tis_cleanup(dev);
static const struct tpm_ops tpm_tis_ops = {
.open = tpm_tis_open,
.close = tpm_tis_close,
.get_desc = tpm_tis_get_desc,
.send = tpm_tis_send,
.recv = tpm_tis_recv,
.cleanup = tpm_tis_cleanup,
static const struct tpm_tis_chip_data tpm_tis_std_chip_data = {
.pcr_count = 24,
.pcr_select_min = 3,
static const struct udevice_id tpm_tis_ids[] = {
.compatible = "tcg,tpm-tis-mmio",
.data = (ulong)&tpm_tis_std_chip_data,
{ }
U_BOOT_DRIVER(tpm_tis_mmio) = {
.name = "tpm_tis_mmio",
.of_match = tpm_tis_ids,
.ops = &tpm_tis_ops,
.probe = tpm_tis_probe,
.remove = tpm_tis_remove,
.priv_auto = sizeof(struct tpm_chip),
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