Commit f848b480 authored by Vladimir Oltean's avatar Vladimir Oltean Committed by Ramon Fried
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net: enetc: ensure is NULL terminated after MDIO_NAME_LEN truncation

strncpy() simply bails out when copying a source string whose size
exceeds the destination string size, potentially leaving the destination
string unterminated.

One possible way to address is to pass MDIO_NAME_LEN - 1 and a
previously zero-initialized destination string, but this is more
difficult to maintain.

The chosen alternative is to use strlcpy(), which properly limits the
copy len in the (srclen >= size) case to "size - 1", and which is also
more efficient than the strncpy() byte-by-byte implementation by using
memcpy. The destination string returned by strlcpy() is always NULL
Signed-off-by: default avatarVladimir Oltean <>
Reviewed-by: Ramon Fried's avatarRamon Fried <>
parent 9be5fa4d
......@@ -269,7 +269,7 @@ static void enetc_start_pcs(struct udevice *dev)
priv-> = enetc_mdio_read;
priv->imdio.write = enetc_mdio_write;
priv->imdio.priv = priv->port_regs + ENETC_PM_IMDIO_BASE;
strncpy(priv->, dev->name, MDIO_NAME_LEN);
strlcpy(priv->, dev->name, MDIO_NAME_LEN);
if (!miiphy_get_dev_by_name(priv->
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