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      Merge tag 'efi-2022-07-rc6' of https://source.denx.de/u-boot/custodians/u-boot-efi · 730fc474
      Tom Rini authored
      Pull request for efi-2022-07-rc6
      * Fix EFI_IO_BLOCK_PROTOCOL: read correct blocks on partitions
      * Honor CONFIG_SYS_64BIT_LBA in the disk uclass
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      Merge branch '2022-07-01-additional-critical-fixes-and-updates' · 6cae9aee
      Tom Rini authored
      - Update some MAINTAINERS entries, fix a regression on FIT images
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      EFI: Fix ReadBlocks API reading incorrect sector for UCLASS_PARTITION devices · 7a85f324
      Paul Barbieri authored
      The requsted partition disk sector incorrectly has the parition start
      sector added in twice for UCLASS_PARTITION devices. The efi_disk_rw_blocks()
      routine adds the diskobj->offset to the requested lba. When the device
      is a UCLASS_PARTITION, the dev_read() or dev_write() routine is called
      which adds part-gpt_part_info.start. This causes I/O to the wrong sector.
      Takahiro Akashi suggested removing the offset field from the efi_disk_obj
      structure since disk-uclass.c handles the partition start biasing. Device
      types other than UCLASS_PARTITION set the diskobj->offset field to zero
      which makes the field unnecessary. This change removes the offset field
      from the structure and removes all references from the code which is
      isolated to the lib/efi_loader/efi_disk.c module.
      This change also adds a test for the EFI ReadBlocks() API in the EFI
      selftest code. There is already a test for reading a FAT file. The new
      test uses ReadBlocks() to ...
    • Heinrich Schuchardt's avatar
      disk: honor CONFIG_SYS_64BIT_LBA · 054de212
      Heinrich Schuchardt authored
      Without the patch for qemu-x86_defconfig:
      * sizeof(lbaint_t) = 4 in dev_read()
      * sizeof(lbaint_t) = 8 in blkcache_read()
      CONFIG_SYS_64BIT_LBA is defined in common.h via
      We have to include common.h before including blk.h.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarHeinrich Schuchardt <heinrich.schuchardt@canonical.com>
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