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      arm: dts: am33xx: introduce 'am33xx-u-boot.dtsi' · 4dfe4384
      Hannes Schmelzer authored and Tom Rini's avatar Tom Rini committed
      commit fdce9d35 ("arm: dts: am33xx: Sync dts with Linux 4.20.0")
      did remove the "u-boot,dm-spl" flag from the 'ocp' bus which was
      introduced with
      commit 19aa4ac0
       ("dts: am33xx: add u-boot, dm-spl to ocp bus")
      Due to this all boards having CONFIG_SPL_OF_CONTROL enabled are broken
      because they cannot bind/probe the boot-media interface during SPL
      This commit introduces the 'am33xx-u-boot.dtsi' which is included with
      the auto include mechanism. The am33xx-u-boot-dtsi adds the important
      "u-boot,dm-pre-reloc" to the 'ocp bus' (the root bus of almost all
      peripherals, at least the bootable ones).
      The peripherials (mmc, spi, ...) needed during SPL stage need to be
      equipped with the 'u-boot,dm-pre-reloc' in their responsible dts file.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarHannes Schmelzer <hannes.schmelzer@br-automation.com>
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