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    OMAPDSS: DPI: Configure dss_lcd_mgr_config struct with lcd manager parameters · 5cf9a264
    Archit Taneja authored
    Create a dss_lcd_mgr_config struct instance in DPI. Fill up all the parameters
    of the struct with configurations held by the panel, and the configurations
    required by DPI.
    Use these to write to the DISPC registers. These direct register writes would be
    later replaced by a function which applies the configuration using the shadow
    register programming model.
    The DISPC_DIVISORo registers were written in the functions dpi_set_dispc_clk()
    and dpi_set_dsi_clk(), now they just fill up the dispc_clock_info parameter in
    mgr_config. They are written later in dpi_config_lcd_manager.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarArchit Taneja <>