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    ALSA: hda - Fix ADC input-amp handling for Cx20549 codec · 6b452142
    Takashi Iwai authored
    It seems that Conexant CX20549 chip handle only a single input-amp even
    though the audio-input widget has multiple sources.  This has been never
    clear, and I implemented in the current way based on the debug information
    I got at the early time -- the device reacts individual input-amp values
    for different sources.  This is true for another Conexant codec, but it's
    not applied to CX20549 actually.
    This patch changes the auto-parser code to handle a single input-amp
    per audio-in widget for CX20549.  After applying this, you'll see only a
    single "Capture" volume control instead of separate "Mic" or "Line"
    captures when the device is set up to use a single ADC.
    We haven't tested 20551 and 20561 codecs yet.  If these show the similar
    behavior like 20549, they need to set spec->single_adc_amp=1, too.
    Cc: <>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarTakashi Iwai <>