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    OMAPDSS: outputs: Create and register output instances · 81b87f51
    Archit Taneja authored
    Add output structs to output driver's private data. Register output instances by
    having an init function in the probes of the platform device drivers for
    different outputs. The *_init_output for each output registers the output and
    fill up the output's plaform device, type and id fields. The *_uninit_output
    functions unregister the output.
    In the probe of each interface driver, the output entities are initialized
    before the *_probe_pdata() functions intentionally. This is done to ensure that
    the output entity is prepared before the panels connected to the output are
    registered. We need the output entities to be ready because OMAPDSS will try
    to make connections between overlays, managers, outputs and devices during the
    panel's probe.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarArchit Taneja <archit@ti.com>