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    OMAPDSS: DPI/HDMI: Apply manager timings even if panel is disabled · fcc36619
    Archit Taneja authored
    The DPI and HDMI interfaces use their 'set_timing' functions to take in a new
    set of timings. If the panel is disabled, they do not disable and re-enable
    the interface. Currently, the manager timings are applied in hdmi_power_on()
    and dpi_set_mode() respectively, these are not called by set_timings if the
    panel is disabled.
    When checking overlay and manager data, the DSS driver uses the last applied
    manager timings, and not the timings held by omap_dss_device struct. Hence,
    there is a need to apply the new manager timings even if the panel is disabled.
    Apply the manager timings if the panel is disabled. Eventually, there should be
    one common place where the timings are applied independent of the state of the
    Signed-off-by: default avatarArchit Taneja <>