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    ide: Implement disk shock protection support (v4) · 4abdc6ee
    Elias Oltmanns authored
    On user request (through sysfs), the IDLE IMMEDIATE command with UNLOAD
    FEATURE as specified in ATA-7 is issued to the device and processing of
    the request queue is stopped thereafter until the specified timeout
    expires or user space asks to resume normal operation. This is supposed
    to prevent the heads of a hard drive from accidentally crashing onto the
    platter when a heavy shock is anticipated (like a falling laptop expected
    to hit the floor). Port resets are deferred whenever a device on that
    port is in the parked state.
    Elias Oltmanns <> wrote:
    > >> 1. Make sure that no negative value is being passed to
    > >>    jiffies_to_msecs() in ide_park_show().
    > >> 2. Drop the superfluous variable hwif in ide_special_rq().
    > >> 3. Skip initialisation of task and tf in ide_special_rq() if we are not
    > >>    handling a (un)park request.
    > >
    > > Well, #3 should have been done differently because we donn't want to
    > > check for REQ_(UN)?PARK_HEADS more often than is necessary.
    > While preparing the backport to 2.6.27, it has just occurred to me that
    > we need to clear the IDE_DFLAG_PARKED flag in ide_disk_pre_reset()
    > because this flag must not be set after *any* sort of access to the
    > device.
    Fix a memory leak due to a missing blk_put_request() in
    issue_park_cmd(). Additionally, we should plug the queue when enqueueing
    the unpark request because there is no guarantee that the park timeout
    has not expired by then. Even though the chance for that to happen is
    very slim, the request might end up hanging in the queue until the next
    I/O operation is queued up. While at it, clean up the code a little:
    - make issue_park_cmd() a function of type void since nobody cares for
      the return value anyway;
    - use blk_start_queueing() instead of __blk_run_queue() since we don't
      have to worry about recursion;
    - remove a superfluous pointer deference in task_no_data_intr().
    Signed-off-by: default avatarElias Oltmanns <>
    Cc: Jeff Garzik <>,
    Cc: Randy Dunlap <>
    Cc: Tejun Heo <>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarBartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz <>