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    * Patch by Scott McNutt, 21 Jul 2003: · 1f4bb37d
    wdenk authored
      Add support for LynuxWorks Kernel Downloadable Images (KDIs).
      Both LynxOS and BlueCat linux KDIs are supported.
    * Patch by Richard Woodruff, 25 Jul 2003:
      use more reliable reset for OMAP/925T
    * Patch by Nye Liu, 25 Jul 2003:
      fix typo in mpc8xx.h
    * Patch by Richard Woodruff, 24 Jul 2003:
      Fixes for cmd_nand.c:
      - Fixed null dereferece which could result in incorrect ECC values.
      - Added support for devices with no Ready/Busy signal hooked up.
      - Added OMAP1510 read/write protect handling.
      - Fixed nand.h's ECCPOS. A conflict existed with POS5 and badblock
        for non-JFFS2.
      - Switched default ECC to be JFFS2.