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  • arc-fixes-for-2020.07-rc3   Here we improve clock support for recently introduced HSDK-4xD board as well as finally enable external reset for the USB controller, which is needed to recover USB functionality after "usb reset".
  • arc-more-fixes-for-2020.07-rc1   Here we introduce new development platfrom for ARC: HSDK 4xD. That's pretty much the same base-board as in HSDK but with very recent quad-core ARC HS47D in the ASIC. Thus we try to re-use existing code as much as possible while inevitably add some pieces needed for the new ASIC. Also we drop selection of bounce buffers on AXS10x as there's no use of them any longer.
  • arc-fixes-for-2020.07-rc1   This is pretty minor set of changes mostly touching HSDK board: * Enable on-chip reset controller on HSDK * Add possibility to turn-on & off L2$ on more recent ARC HS processors. * AXI tunnel clock calculation on HSDK
  • arc-last-minute-fixes-for-2020.04   This last minute pull-request is intended to fix some drivers when used on ARC boards. The problem was introduced by https://gitlab.denx.de/u-boot/u-boot/-/commit/07906b3dad157bd58411664bcc6a2a7976d5e0a9 What happened while doing one pretty simple improvement to make U-Boot port more flexible and portable (by switching accessors from assembly-written to plain C version) we implicitly added 2 problems: 1. Downgraded accessors from being volatile which signalled to the compiler that it's now possible to do all kinds of optimizations which may easily include merge of subsequent byte reads/writes into word operations. Which is OK for accessing mormal memory but breaks operation of peripherals if we access its memory-mapped regs in such a "creative" manner. 2. As a part of assembly-written implementation we had compiler barriers in form of the following construction 'asm volatile("" : : : "memory")', and we dropped it in C implemntation. This in its turn enabled compiler to mess with instruction ordering. Guess what it gives us in the end :) So with all that we had in some corner-cases veeery funny instruction flows generated. And in particular it broke DW SPI functionality when we were writing large amount of data. Funny enough our tests which were writing small amount of data still worked and only by the chance we caught that breakage and unrolled that quite interesting loop of unexpected problems. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Amen :)
  • arc-fixes-for-2020.04-rc2   As usual a bit late a couple of tiny fixes and improvements for ARC. 1. Switch from ARC UART to a convenient DW UART on ARC simulation platforms. This became avaialble when nSIM got support of that much more standard UART (starting from nSIM v2019.06). FWIW also available now in Free nSIM [1]. This among other things allows us finally to use the same one binary on all our simulators & FPGA-based emulators. 2. Disable networking support on simulated platforms as there's no network interface in them. 3. Add Virtio net & block devices for the configuration supported by QEMU so that we may leverage those virtual peripherals and in fact it's possible to load uImage from TFTP server and bootm it. 4. Minor fixes for HSDK clocks. 5. Rework of how we chose and use compiler options for ARC-based boards. In real world ARC-based designs are customized more or less but very rarely match any of our "templates" thus it makes not much sense to pretend we have some fixed configs, instead we now will fully reply on a SoC or even board on getting precise set of compiler options preferably even extracted from real HW via "tcfgen" utility. 6. Well and finally yet another simplification - switch to generic written in C accessors which are much more universal and just work for any target supported by the complier as compared to GAS implementation which is much more target-dependent. This one was heavily "inspired" by similar implementation for RISCV and ARM. [1] https://www.synopsys.com/cgi-bin/dwarcnsim/req1.cgi
  • arc-fixes-for-2020.01-rc2   ARC fixes for v2020.01-rc2 The main change is move to DM_MMC of yet 2 another ARC boards: AXS101 & IoTDK. Among that we improve handling of stock-formatted SD-cards of high volume on EM SDP as well as introduction of reset driver for HSDK which is required for prepser reinitialization of some peripherals like USB etc.
  • arc-for-2019.10-rc4   These are some very late changes mostly required to get 64-bit division working on ARC boards. For that we had to import missing parts of libgcc and add compiler flags to EMSDP which otherwise used very simple profile for compliation. And while at it another fix for EM SDP initialization is inluded as well.
  • arc-for-2019.07   In this small series we migrate ARC boards to DM_MMC so we're hopefully are good now and our boards will be kept in U-Boot for some more time :)
  • arc-last-minute-for-2019.04   This is last minute change which fixes problems in runtime on AXS10x board caused by some changes in NAND framework and tiny documentation improvement. Anyways NAND flash storage was never really used on the board for various reasons and now we decided to drop it for good. Note this change only touches 1 ARC board so that should be safe for others. As usual - build tested in TravisCI, see https://travis-ci.org/abrodkin/u-boot/builds/512041342
  • arc-fixes-for-2019.04-rc1   A couple of trivial fixes and improvements for ARC Most notable are: * Move of ENV_SIZE/ENV_OFFSET to Kconfig * Fix with private structure allocation for arc_uart * Definition of CONFIG_SYS_CACHELINE_SIZE useful for building drivers
  • arc-updates-for-2019.01-rc1   We introduce much better automatic identification of ARC cores. 1. Try to match found HW features to known ARC core templates 2. Print CPU frequency for all ARC boards 3. Add more board-specific info
  • arc-for-2018.11   Just 2 non-functinal changes: 1. Rename of EMDK to EMSDP so it matches real marketing name 2. Add essential README for IoTDK
    a6b8c29f · iot_dk: Add README ·
  • arc-more-updates-for-2018.11-rc2-2   More fixes and improvements for ARC here: Fixes (this time included for real): * Take care of global uninitialized variables They used to be put right after .bss section and were never zeroed as they should be. Now merged with normal .bss Improvements: * Print more verbose CPU info for boards built on real silicon * Add support for SD-card detection on all ARC boards * Quite a few fixes for IoT DK - Support reset by command - Print of CPU freq on boot - Link for eFlash etc
  • arc-more-updates-for-2018.11-rc2   More fixes and improvements for ARC here: Fixes: * Take care of global uninitialized variables They used to be put right after .bss section and were never zeroed as they should be. Now merged with normal .bss Improvements: * Print more verbose CPU info for boards built on real silicon * Add support for SD-card detection on all ARC boards * Quite a few fixes for IoT DK - Support reset by command - Print of CPU freq on boot - Link for eFlash etc
    a2110918 · iot_dk: Link for eFlash ·
  • arc-updates-for-2018.11-rc2   Here we do a couple of impovements for all ARC boards as well as introduce yet another developemnt board. 1. Now for ARC boards we print CPU and board info which is useful for users and helps with analysis of logs "post-mortem". 2. Synopsys IoT development kit support is added This one might bw a bit too late as we're past RC1 but: 1) This doesn't affect any other arches etc as we change purely ARC code. 2) I've got a chance to talk about U-Boot on IoT platforms during ELCE (my proposal was on a wait list and only this week I've got an update and invitation to talk) so it would be good to have this board as a primer in upstream code-base by the time of ELCE 2018. 3) For complete support of IoT devkit I'm yet to significantly rework regmap subsystem in U-Boot but that's a different topic and hopefully it will be done sometime soon... though not this release cycle for sure.
  • arc-updates-for-2018.09   Minor changes for ARC 1. Fix CPU clock value in HSDK's .dts so time is counted properly. 2. Enable bootelf command on EMDK
  • arc-updates-for-2018.09-rc2   That's a set of prety minor changes and fixes for ARC. Among them: * Improvement in CREG GPIO driver used on ARC dev boards that allow us to re-use the driver for SPI's chip select * Enable SPI-flsh on AXS10x boards which allows to update U-Boot binary that gets loaded by boot-ROM * Fix accommodating always utilized unaligned access by GCC for ARC starting from 8.1.0
  • arc-updates-for-2018.07-rc3   Here we only add readme file for EMDK board support of which was added in this release cycle.
    0921f929 · ARC: EMDK: Add readme ·
  • arc-updates-for-2018.07-rc2   Here we just add a tool for HSDK flashable images preparation together with extensive documentation for HSDK board. This will help real-life users to update U-Boot on the board.
    3b4410dd · ARC: HSDK: Add readme ·
  • arc-updates-for-2018.07-rc1   Here we do a couple of minor fixes like: - Move .ivt section to the very beginning of the image by default which allows us to use that image put right at reset vector (usually 0x0) - Improve relocation fix-up which became required once we moved .ivt and understood a problem with existing implementation where we relied on a particular placement of sections. Now we don't care about placement because we just explicitly check for .text and in case of ARCompact .ivt sections - Re-implemnt do_reset() such that it calls reset_cpu() which could implmented for a particular board And hte most important part we introduce support for yet another devboard from Synopsys - EMDK.